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The Grand Lunch Buffet at City Garden Grand Hotel

I may not look like it, but I really do eat a lot. There was a time when I could finish a large box of pizza, or a bucket of chicken. When I’m writing or watching Koreanovela, I could munch several packs of chips in one sitting. If I like a certain food, I would […]

A different kind of diet that let’s you eat more to lose weight and live great

How does eating more to live great sounds like? How about eat more to lose weight? Sounds perfect, right? Baron Method is a “lifestyle upgrade” that involves changing one’s perception of what food is supposed to do. Its founder, Harvie De Baron, believes that food works not against the body, but for the body. “Food […]

Do the Gado-Gado

There are times when you are not that hungry, but you need some sustenance to keep going. Salad may be one of the options when this happens. Toss some greens, tomatoes and cucumber, topped with mayonnaise, and you are set to go. It is very healthy and not too heavy on the tummy. But having […]

Toy Egg

  The hunting party has arrived. They are ready for the hunt, so let the game begins. The hunt for colorful eggs, that is. This is something that most people look forward to when Easter Sunday comes. The hopping bunny will definitely be at glee because pastry chef Francois Perret makes this year’s celebration a […]

Kimchijeon: Traditional dish with a twist

  Kimchi, fermented cabbage seasoned with garlic and crushed red pepper, is undoubtedly the most popular food of Korea. Most Koreans generally consume it with their every meal. Kimchi has over 200 varieties, depending on the fermentation process and the weather. One of the healthiest foods, kimchi is full of vitamins A, B and C. […]

Anchovy and Kelp Broth: The Soup Base

The anchovy and kelp broth is the most commonly use soup base in most Korean soups and stews. Although chicken and beef broths have become more popular in modern Korean cooking, this kind of broth remains the staple in Korean cooking. It does not have a strong fish odor and adds a deep and savory […]

Gim-gyeran-guk: Soup of the Day

Gim-gyeran-guk, an egg soup with seaweed, is very quick to cook especially if you are in a hurry to prepare a meal for the family. A simple but well-balanced dish, it is a health dish that provides minerals from the seaweed and protein from the egg. To make it more tasty and delicious, you can […]