NU is the king!

After 60 long years, the National University became the king of UAAP basketball once again. Through their strong defense, NU took the lead in the third quarter ad broke away with a 75-59 win over Far Eastern University, its first championship since 1954. But it is not only in the basketball that they excel. In […]

Savory Bread

A good sandwich starts with a good bread, so they say. And I believe that mantra. How many times have you bought hotdog sandwich in a convenience store only to get disappointed because the bread is too soggy from the steam? “No matter how delicious and appetizing the filling is, it won’t matter if the […]

A New Lease on Bread

Tired of the usually bread and butter combo? There is more to bread than just spreading peanut butter on it, making ham sandwich or eating it on its own. In these easy-to-do dessert recipes, you’ll never look at bread the same way again. CHOCO MOCHA RUMBALLS Ingredients: 1400g    Gardenia Double Delights Choco Mocha 1/4 cup   […]


To say that Koreans love chicken is simply an understatement. Every street corner in Seoul has at least one or two restaurants selling only chicken and most often, people are lining up outside the establishment waiting to be served. Koreans often eat chicken with their beer. They have coined a term for it — “chi-mek” […]

Kimchijeon: Traditional dish with a twist

  Kimchi, fermented cabbage seasoned with garlic and crushed red pepper, is undoubtedly the most popular food of Korea. Most Koreans generally consume it with their every meal. Kimchi has over 200 varieties, depending on the fermentation process and the weather. One of the healthiest foods, kimchi is full of vitamins A, B and C. […]