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Of guk, tang and jjigae

Guk or tang (korean soup) is usually made by cooking various ingredients in a pot. Jjigae and jeongol are similar to soup; however jjigae is slightly less watery likee a stew and jeongol is a meat and vegetable casserole cooked on the table. Perhaps the most popular of Korean soups and stews is Doenjang Jjigae. […]

Anchovy and Kelp Broth: The Soup Base

The anchovy and kelp broth is the most commonly use soup base in most Korean soups and stews. Although chicken and beef broths have become more popular in modern Korean cooking, this kind of broth remains the staple in Korean cooking. It does not have a strong fish odor and adds a deep and savory […]

Gim-gyeran-guk: Soup of the Day

Gim-gyeran-guk, an egg soup with seaweed, is very quick to cook especially if you are in a hurry to prepare a meal for the family. A simple but well-balanced dish, it is a health dish that provides minerals from the seaweed and protein from the egg. To make it more tasty and delicious, you can […]