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Acai Berry: The New Superfood?

Growing in the jungle of Amazon are acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee), the tallest palm trees growing up to 80 feet tall and with pinnate leaves that are about three meters long. Named after the Brazilian Portuguese adaptation of the Tupian word “iwaca’i” which means “fruit that cries and expels water,” these palm trees are often cultivated […]

Filipino comfort food from the Three Sisters

Metro Manila has seen many restaurants come and go over the years. Sadly, even some good restaurants (which seem to have been there forever) have closed down. There are few that are surviving, keeping up with the time and still as good as when they first opened. One of them is Three Sisters in East […]

Bibimbap: Rice meal in a bowl

Probably one of the most popular Korean dishes, bibimbab is a bowl of rice topped with various cooked vegetables, beef, fried egg and other garnishes. It is served with red chili paste and sesame oil, which should be mixed in thoroughly. The name comes from two Korean words: bibim which means “mixing” and bap means “cooked […]