Acai Berry: The New Superfood?

Growing in the jungle of Amazon are acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee), the tallest palm trees growing up to 80 feet tall and with pinnate leaves that are about three meters long. Named after the Brazilian Portuguese adaptation of the Tupian word “iwaca’i” which means “fruit that cries and expels water,” these palm trees are often cultivated […]

A delicious kind of Round Table

There is a table in Pasig that is giving everyone who sits there an equal status. No, we’re not talking about King Arthur’s famed table where the legendary king and his knights congregated. We’re talking about the new restaurant venture at the heart of East Capitol Drive in Pasig City, with the same name as […]

Steak it out at Beeffalo

The audition began as soon as we were seated on the quaint table of Beeffalo by Hot Rocks, a steak restaurant located in Sto. Nino, Marikina City. After telling the waitress who handed us the menu that we really wanted some piece of meat, she came back holding up plastic-wrapped pieces of meat, with each […]

Happy 3rd!

Japanese-born Hishiki Tomoyuki and his Filipina wife Edeelyn didn’t expect that dining at Buddha-Bar Manila to escape from the hustle and bustle of the urban life would lead to an unexpected surprise. Tomoyuki has been residing with his wife in the Philippines for more than 10 years. On one occasion, the couple decided to try […]


To say that Koreans love chicken is simply an understatement. Every street corner in Seoul has at least one or two restaurants selling only chicken and most often, people are lining up outside the establishment waiting to be served. Koreans often eat chicken with their beer. They have coined a term for it — “chi-mek” […]

Bring back Bulgogi

It has been almost two months since I went back home after the journalism fellowship grant in South Korea. I have many fond memories of Korea and I wish that I could take a part of Korea home with me. Food has been a central part of my stay in Korea. Although there are quite […]