A delicious kind of Round Table

Prime Roast Beef

Prime Roast Beef

There is a table in Pasig that is giving everyone who sits there an equal status. No, we’re not talking about King Arthur’s famed table where the legendary king and his knights congregated. We’re talking about the new restaurant venture at the heart of East Capitol Drive in Pasig City, with the same name as the Arthurian legendary table.

A brainchild of Chef Mia K. Capay, who is a third generation of the Katigbak epicure, The Round Table brings buffet dining to a new height. It started as Q Bistro, which opened at the Malayan Plaza in Ortigas sometime in 2006. It was later relaunched as The Round Table and evolved into an innovative and contemporary buffet restaurant that serves the international trends and gives traditional Filipino dishes a different twist.

The Round Table goes beyond the norm and what is predictable, keeping the selection fresh, appealing and varied. With the aim to showcase an all-you-can-eat tasting session, the restaurant is the “playground” for Q Provisions (formerly Caterings by Q Bistro), the catering service business also managed by chef Mia.

According to Chef Mia, the restaurant’s name comes from the shape of the buffet table (which is round), which is quite different from the usual square or rectangle counters. Just like the principle of the Arthurian table, it implies that every dish served here has equal status, with even-handed importance that should be observed within, and all dishes should be treated alike. Because, really, they are all equally appetizing and sumptuous.

Rustic Fish Fillet with olives and capers.

Rustic Fish Fillet with olives and capers.

There is no “sawa” factor here even if you go here everyday. Each day is a unique feast. From Monday to Sunday, it has themed-menu that keeps on changing.

Monday is all about Southern American. Think, Country Fried Steak, Hickory Smoked Finger Ribs, Salmon Croquettes and Cajun Chicken. On a different Monday,you might have some Creamed Potatoes, Crab Cakes, Beef Rolls and Green Beans and Bacon.

Pork Ragout on Italian Tuesday

Pork Ragout on Italian Tuesday

Italian dishes come out on Tuesday, which means pasta galore with Pasta Amatriciana, Spiced Aglio Olio Pasta, Eggplant Parmigiana, among others. They have the delectable Pasta Bar, which features different Italian dishes such as Flat Bread Pizza, Seafood Cioppino and more.

Wednesday is Mongolian day. Mix and match with various ingredients, ranging from pork, chicken, fish and variety of vegetables. Add some carbs, such as rice, flat noodles and vermicelli, and topped with your choice of sauce — Mongolian Sauce, Sweet Soy Glaze and Chili Garlic.

Chef Mia gives a unique take on a Filipino favorite dish and creates Adobo sa Mangga.

Chef Mia gives a unique take on a Filipino favorite dish and creates Adobo sa Mangga.

Have some Filipino dishes with a twist on Thursday. Chef Mia gives a new twist to our all-time favorite Filipino dishes. Take for example, adobo. Instead of the usual vinegar and soy sauce to stew the meat, she uses mangga and bagoong. For Binagoongan, she makes the pork crispy and very tender. Don’t forget to try other innovative Filipino dishes such as Tapa Pasta, Pinoy Nachos and Roast Beef Sisig.

It is Roast Carving on Friday. If you’re carnivorous, you’d adore this day. Just like we did. The highlight is the prime Roast Beef. It was quite so tender and juicy that it filled our mouths with irresistible melt-in-your-mouth meaty goodness. It was simply divine. I heard, it takes time to make this dish. Chef Mia shared that she would marinate the slab of beef overnight, about six to seven hours, before slow roasting it for two hours (or more). Other roast carving specialties to try are the Roast Porkloin with Apple Sauce and the Herb Roasted Chicken. Eat them with Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Bacon Potato Salad or Tossed Green Salad with Q Dressing on the side.

Tender slices of Pork Hamondao with pineapple bits

Tender slices of Pork Hamondao with pineapple bits

Weekends are for surprises. The chef displays her culinary genius with a menu that excites both the appetite and the imagination. The executive chef, who honed her culinary skills at the Professional Culinary Institute (currently known as the French Culinary Institute) in California, would often experiment with bold and flavorful yet comforting dishes that are in tuned with the latest culinary trends around the world.

But of course, there are the signature dishes that make diners keep coming back for more. There is the Q Salad, generous mixed greens with slices of oranges and cherry tomatoes, topped with walnuts. Drizzle it with the signature Q Dressing. I also like their Strawberry Dressing.

For dessert, it has to be the Carrot Cake. Chef Mia shared that they needed a pound (or two) of grated carrots to make one round cake. I confess I’m not really a fan of carrot cake, but this is an exemption. It is thick yet it is very moist, with just the right sweetness.

What I like about The Round Table is they never skimp on ingredients. If the recipe says it needs butter, Chef Mia uses quality butter. She doesn’t substitute. She uses the freshest ingredients and serves food right out of the kitchen to the table. But she also advocates using local ingredients and takes pride in what the Philippines has.

Q Salad with its happy mix of greens, fruits and nuts, drizzled with signature Q dressing.

Q Salad with its happy mix of greens, fruits and nuts, drizzled with signature Q dressing.

The downside, though, is the place is quite small that it can accommodate a maximum of 25 diners at a time. Be sure to make reservations before coming here. But alas, they don’t accept reservations on Roast Carving Day (Friday), you really have to line up to have a taste of the prime roast beef, the most popular dish here. Chef Mia shared that there was even a Friday that they had about 287 diners.

But if you don’t want to line up and wait, you can call ahead and bring The Round Table to your home or office. Q Provisions and The Round Table makes the same day catering services, as well as food deliveries within the Ortigas and Kapitolyo areas.

For less than P300 (P199 if you are FB friend with The Round Table), you really get your money’s worth.

A moist Carrot Cake is a sweet ending to a buffet meal.

A moist Carrot Cake is a sweet ending to a buffet meal.


The Round Table is located at 56 C & D E. Capitol Drive 1603, Pasig. For booking and inquiries, text or call Ash Salonga at 09228948509 or call (02) 706 1668. For the latest updates on promotions, follow social media pages on Facebook: roundtableph and Instagram: theroundtableph or visit website at http://www.qprovisions.com.


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