NU is the king!

After 60 long years, the National University became the king of UAAP basketball once again. Through their strong defense, NU took the lead in the third quarter ad broke away with a 75-59 win over Far Eastern University, its first championship since 1954.

But it is not only in the basketball that they excel.

In the recent The Next Big Sandwich Hit, organized by Gardenia in celebration of the World Bread Day, NU’s Bianca Cadizal and Vanessa Andrada ruled over the kitchen with their Pan Fusionado and Pan Grilled Herbed Chicken and Tofu Sandwich with  Balsamic Reduction.

Want some bite into the big sandwich hit? Here are NU’s winning recipes:

A sandwich inspired by the diverse culinary influences found in Manila

A sandwich inspired by the diverse culinary influences found in Manila



1/2 piece    Gardenia White Bread
1/2 piece    Gardenia Wheat Bread
1/2 piece    Gardenia Choco Chip
1/2 piece    Gardenia Butterscotch Bread
1/2 tsp        pesto sauce
20 grams    chicken breast, pan-grilled
5 grams        cheddar cheese
5 grams        sun-dried tomato
1 tsp        mayo-soy dressing (You can make it by combining mayo, Chinese pork sauce and sesame oil)
20 grams    Chinese pork slices (marinate in soy sauce, sugar, peanut butter, ginger and five spice)
1/2 tsp        olive oil
30 grams    chorizo slices (choose the spicy one for that extra kick)
2 pieces        marshmallow
5 grams        butter

For the side dish:

4 pieces        arugula
8 pieces        mint leaves
1 piece        cherry tomato
1 piece        black olive
1 piece        red onion, grilled

For garnish:

3 pieces        Kiamoy
1 tbsp        sour cream
a dash of paprika

For dips:

3 tbsp        hummus
1 tbsp        sour cream
a dash of paprika


To prepare the Butterscotch bread:

1. Brush melted butter into the bread slices.
2. Put the marshmallow in between two slices.
3. Put the sandwich in a panini grill and slightly press.
4. Cut the bread and set aside.

To prepare the Chocolate Chip bread:

1. Pan grill the marinated chicken. Cut into large cubes.
2. Brush the mayo-soy dressing to the bread.
3. Put pork slices and grilled chicken in the bread.
4. Cover with another slice and cut. Set aside.

To prepare the Wheat Loaf:

1. Spread some mayo-soy dressing on the bread
2. Add some pork slices.
3. Cover and cut the bread. Set aside.

To prepare the White Loaf:

1. Spread some pesto into the bread slices.
2. Add the grilled chicken pieces.
3. Add the cheese.
4. Cover and slice. Set aside.

To assemble the sandwich:

1. Insert Butterscotch, then the Chocolate Chip, the Wheat Loaf and finally the White Loaf. Insert the grilled onion, black olive and cherry tomato in between the mini-sandwiches. Serve with kiamoy, champoy and cracked walnuts, with sour cream and hummus dip.

Pan-grilled chicken sandwich



2 pieces        Gardenia Wheat Cranberry Bread
20 grams    sun-dried tomato
2 tbsp        balsamic and coco sugar reduction, with chili
1 tbsp        pesto sauce
10 grams    fresh tomato
20 grams    avocado
20 grams    tofu, pan-grilled
20 grams    strawberry
5 grams        almond nuts, unsalted
5 grams        alfalfa sprouts
5 leaves         red cabbage
20 grams    grilled chicken (rubbed with salt, pepper and dried rosemary)


1. Reduce balsamic vinegar and sugar into half. Add a dash of chili.
2. Pan grill tofu and chicken. Set aside.
3. Cut Cranberry Bread into dice.
4. Dice avocado, tomato, grilled tofu, chicken an sun-dried tomato.
5. Arrange the ingredients in a Verrine cup, starting with Cranberry bread, avocado, strawberry, tomato, tofu, sun-dried tomato, pesto, chicken, almond and lastly, another Cranberry Bread. Top it with shredded red cabbage and alfalfa.



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