Monthly Archives: October 2014

Of guk, tang and jjigae

Guk or tang (korean soup) is usually made by cooking various ingredients in a pot. Jjigae and jeongol are similar to soup; however jjigae is slightly less watery likee a stew and jeongol is a meat and vegetable casserole cooked on the table. Perhaps the most popular of Korean soups and stews is Doenjang Jjigae. […]

Knowing Kimchi

Say Korea and the first thing that usually comes into a person’s mind is Kimchi, a popular spicy cabbage dish. Characterized by its spicy taste and crispness, the taste of kimchi varies depending on the fermentation process, ingredients used, region where it is made and the weather. Born from the need to preserve vegetables during […]

NU is the king!

After 60 long years, the National University became the king of UAAP basketball once again. Through their strong defense, NU took the lead in the third quarter ad broke away with a 75-59 win over Far Eastern University, its first championship since 1954. But it is not only in the basketball that they excel. In […]

Berry, Berry Yogurt

My first initiation with yogurt was in a little quaint dining place in Sagada, called the Yogurt House. Having eaten ice cream all my growing up years, it was something different –a little bit tart and fresh. At first, I chose the plain one, just the yogurt without any toppings. But a friend introduced me […]