Toy Egg



The hunting party has arrived. They are ready for the hunt, so let the game begins. The hunt for colorful eggs, that is. This is something that most people look forward to when Easter Sunday comes. The hopping bunny will definitely be at glee because pastry chef Francois Perret makes this year’s celebration a little bit more special with his Toy Egg, his Easter creation.

Made from Carupano (70 percent dark chocolate), the egg is such a chocolate-y delight, with its flowery and spicy aromas, composed of multi-colored rings with high cocoa content that will tickle the buds of dark chocolate lovers. (Limited Edition; Available from April 14 to 21, 2014)

Passionate about working with chocolate and always looking for new taste and visual harmonies, chef François takes inspirations from his childhood:

“I remembered a fun and colourful toy that I loved as a child. Toys are an interesting topic that I love to explore in my creations. They are a real source of inspiration,” shared the Shangri-La Hotel Paris pastry chef. Stack, build, and break down – it certainly will bring out the child in everyone.

Driven by his strong passion for food, François Perret particularly enjoys the technical challenges inherent to his job.

“This profession is constantly evolving, and a taste for sharing and teamwork is essential. I’m lucky to be working with excellent products and tools, all of which enhance my creativity,” said Chef Perret.

He is not about to dampen the more whimsical aspect of his personality by taking classical cuisine one step further. He enjoys combining different styles and adding exotic touches, such as chocolate combined with wasabi, sesame or lychee, or serving avocado with wild strawberries and even making celery go hand in hand with raspberries. 


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